Pruitt v. Sebelius (Oklahoma Case)


Eastern District of Oklahoma


The State of Oklahoma


The Federal Government


Ronald A. White

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Status: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt filed this case in January of 2011.  During the Supreme Court hearing of HHS v. Florida, this case was put under a Stay of Proceedings.  The Stay was lifted after the Supreme Court ruled.  In September 2012, Plaintiffs amended the complaint to include a challenge to a May 2012 IRS rule extending the law's Premium Assistance Tax Credits to health exchanges operated under Section 1321 by the federal government.  Plaintiffs allege that this rule has no basis in the Affordable Care Act and goes against the letter and intent of the law. The case is now before the Eastern District of Oklahoma.  Old England's Lion and Rose restaurants have made a Motion to Intervene and to join the case as private-sector plaintiffs, who would be harmed by the employer taxes triggered by the Premium Assistance Tax Credits in Oklahoma's federally operated health exchange.

Most Recent Documents:

Amended Complaint (Sept. 2012)

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